Georgia Happening 

Beth's Butterfly

New Stained-Glass Butterfly 

At the closing Eucharist of Happening #95, the Georgia Happening ministry received a new stained-glass butterfly as a memorial to the members of the Happening family that have gone before us. Many thanks to the Happening alumni who made this possible.

Friday -- 6:50p.m. Gathering deck at end of Stuart Hall with stained-glass butterfly

Leader: The peace of the Lord be with you.

People: And also with you.

Leader: Let us pray in the knowledge of God's peace in our lives.

Almighty God, we entrust all who are dear to us to your never-failing care and love, for this life and the life to come, knowing that you are doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Leader:  We gather on this deck and can look around Honey Creek at the many memorials given in thanksgiving for the lives of those who no longer live among us. The butterfly in the window is a gift honoring Beth Burnette, a Happener died as a teenager in a car accident; the glass doors on the chapel are all given in thanksgiving for the light of Christ she shared with the world; the benches on which we gather are given in thanksgiving for Jay and Graydon -- Happening teens killed in accidents -- and for Jackie Ellis, a Happening mom and youth supporter also killed in an accident; the outdoor altar is also crafted and given in celebration of the prayerful life she led; the chalice, candlesticks, and paten we use are in honor of Jay Yarborough remembering how he often was a tangible, holy, and even sacramental gift of God to so many people; the people who walk around us here through monetary gifts in honor of Scott Morgan.

All say the following prayer together:

Most loving Father,

whose will it is for us to give thanks for all things,

to fear nothing but the loss of you,

and to cast all our care on you who cares for us:

Preserve us from faithless fears and worldly anxieties, 

that no clouds of this mortal life may hide from us

the light of that love which is immortal,

and which you have manifested to us

in your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

​​​​​Thirty five years ago, a stained-glass butterfly window was donated to Honey Creek in memory of Beth Burnette. Beth's Butterfly hung majestically in the window of Stuart Hall. As part of the Happening weekend, the Samaritans pray at different locations at Honey Creek. One of those locations is on a gathering deck just below where Beth's Butterfly hung. The portion of the prayers from the Samaritan Prayer Guide can be found below.

At the request of the family, Beth's Butterfly was moved after Happening #94 to the Beth Burnette youth room at Christ Church, Valdosta, the home parish of the Burnette family.