Georgia Happening 

Hey everyone!

On behalf of the happening Steering Committee we are very excited that you were selected to be on staff and look forward to serving with you on this amazing weekend!

The staff meeting is 8pm, Friday, January 6 to 3 pm, Saturday, January 7 at St. Peter's, Savannah

For the weekend, we ask that you arrive at Honey Creek by 8pm on Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

Full staff payment is due by February 16th. If you paid the $20 down payment, you can sign back in to the registration site to pay the remaining balance at any time before the weekend.  (Registration) You can also bring cash or check to the weekend. 

If you are requesting scholarship, you have to contact me in advance of the weekend, preferably as soon as you think you will need it.  When requesting scholarship. we do ask that you try to the "third" method. You pay 1/3 ($38), your church pays 1/3, and then we pay 1/3). 


Please keep the weekend in your prayers and go make some caritas. No, really, go NOW and make some!!!



PS -- Check back often for updates!!